Opportunities Abound for DC Statehood

The recent US Election demonstrated that the time for DC Statehood is getting closer and closer and it’s incumbent upon us, the people of the District, to get organized and active to make it a reality. There are a few key areas that demonstrate that we can make it a reality in the coming years:

First, the US Senate will have 15 members in the 113th Congress who have previously gone on record for DC Statehood. This is a great starting point if we can organize and get a bill offered in the US Senate because those 15 Senators should once again join the cause. Any Senate bill with 15 co-sponsors is likely to gain more as there are many new members of the Senate & Congress, since 1993, who are unfamiliar with the subject but ideologically should be aligned with us.

Second, we have a present base of support in the House with 28 cosponsors on the Statehood Bill, HR 265, and more members will join should we have a more organized and concentrated lobbying effort. In 1993, the Statehood Bill (HR 51) had 81 cosponsors and got over 150 votes on the House floor.

Third, Puerto Ricans voted for Statehood on November 6th as the preferred political identity for the island. As with Alaska and Hawaii Congress has traditionally supported tandem entries for statehood and it would be great to pair up with Puerto Rico to become the 51st and 52nd states in the Union.

And finally, this election showed a shift toward a more inclusive democracy with African-Americans, Latinos, and women (traditional minorities in American democracy) creating new majority voting blocks that determined the presidential and many Congressional elections. These groups all know that American history has not been perfect when it comes to inclusive democracy but they all have pushed and pushed and pushed to get their equal rights to sit at the table of American democracy. We should use this election as a catalyst to push for our equal seat at the table too.

Come join us as we lobby for sponsors for a Statehood Bill in the Senate, more cosponsors for the bill in the House, and join or neighborhood-by-neighborhood organizing effort. If you can give us 5 minutes a month, 30 minutes a week, or one hour a day we have work for you to do. Please join us and help make the District the 51st or 52nd state in the union.

Josh Burch


Twitter: @JBurchDC

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