Rand Paul Here We Come!!!

After a year of meddling into our affairs by Rand Paul it’s time we take the statehood fight to his door steps. And that’s exactly what we are doing. We’re headed off to the great Commonwealth of Kentucky to go county by county to see if his constituents would be okay if District citizens imposed their laws upon them? We’ll travel across the commonwealth to question his constituents if they believe that government derives its power from the consent of the people (Hello, Congressional Representation!). We’ll ask the people of Kentucky if they believe in the principle of local control over local affairs. We’ll ask if they think it would be good public policy to have Congress overseeing the municipal affairs of Lexington, Louisville, Georgetown, or any other local government in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We’ll ask them why Rand Paul proclaims to be a libertarian to Kentuckians but is a federal interventionist to Washingtonians?

We’ll be travellin across the Commonwealth and when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan show up at Centre College in Danvile, Ky., for their debate they’ll be met by us demanding an end to ‘taxation without representation’! We are taking the statehood fight to Kentucky and have faith that Kentuckians will embrace the cause. Off to Kentucky we go!!!

While this sounds like a great way to take the statehood fight right to the door steps of our opponents it alas is not the journey we’re embarking on…instead we’re just headed to a family wedding in Kentucky a distinctly statehood-free event!

More blogging next week…

Josh Burch



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