Kevin Bacon and 4 Degrees of Separation from the DC GOP

Back in college I remember playing a game, still played by many 30 and 40-somethings, called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (for rules click here). During the GOP Convention a good bit of coverage in the local press was given to the hostile GOP Platform, but nary has a word been written about why the DC GOP has been fairly mute on the platform’s hostility toward the District. While the DC GOP’s poster boy, Patrick Mara, wrote dispatches from the GOP Convention for DCist he only addressed hard-hitting subjects like meeting Jon Voight, being excited about seeing Journey, and how great it was to have DCist cover his ‘limo’ costs. If he’s the face of the DC GOP it’s no wonder that the party gets no respect in the District, they don’t deserve it.

When I think of the DC GOP I can only think not-so-serious thoughts because they knelt down, assumed the position, and said to the National GOP: “thank you, can we have another.” The GOP Platform gave the District an old-fashioned whoopin’ and instead of fighting back, instead of raising objections, instead of using a national stage to stand up to a party hostile to our plight as a city and as citizens the DC GOP simply said “thank you, can we have another.”

Now back to the Kevin Bacon game: Patrick Mara had his photo taken with Jon Voight at the GOP Convention (1 Degree); Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds were in “Deliverance” together (2 Degrees); Burt Reynolds and Demi Moore were in “Strip Tease” together (3 Degrees); and Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon were in “A Few Good Men” together (4 Degrees). I Win (with help from:!

So while I won the game in its making a connection with only 4 degress of separation (disregard that I cheated) I also can’t help but have that phrase, the slogan of the DC GOP, “Thank You, Can We Have Another,” linger in my head. I think that between the boyish look of Kevin Bacon in “Animal House” that resembles a certain DC GOP leader and their inability to stand up for themselves or the District against the spanking of a reckless overseer there is probably fewer than 4 degrees of separation between the DC GOP and Kevin Bacon.

The DC GOP failed to put up a fight on behalf of sovereignty and democracy for the citizens of the District of Columbia so now it’s on to Charlotte to see what the DC Democrats do (or don’t do). Let’s hope I don’t have to play the damn Kevin Bacon game starting with Anita Bonds or Vincent ‘the Best’ Orange!


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