Time for a ‘Catania’ Moment

In 2004, Council Member David Catania, renounced his membership in the Republican Party because the party had moved away from the principles he shared with the party when he first joined it. Washington Post is reporting that the Republican National Platform Committee developed platform language that overtly opposes DC Statehood and encourages the DC Council to relax gun laws. By singling the District out in its platform and saying that the party opposes Statehood, our right to self-governance and our right to full and equal representation, the GOP has not just lost touch with its Lincolnian principles it has lost touch with American principles. The GOP is now openly hostile toward the District and its citizens right to be full and equal with the rest of the nation.

The DC GOP must take a stand, this fledgling party needs to get some respect in this town and here is an opportunity to earn it. Someone in the local party leadership has to stand up and act out to oppose this horrible anti-democratic platform. If the DC GOP expects to be valued, respected, and trusted they might need to have their own ‘Catania’ moment. They can still fight for lower taxes and limited government while supporting Statehood. They can still fight for less regulation and more guns but not be under the control of the National GOP. The DC GOP needs to do something, do it fast, and do it loudly if they ever want to be taken seriously in this city-state again. The DC GOP needs to stand on its principles and stand up to the party of Todd Akin and Trent Franks and now is the time to do it.

It’s time to denounce the platform and stand up for the 618,000 of us who are disenfranchised. It’s time for the DC GOP to have a ‘Catania’ moment but do they have the guts and principles to do it?

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