Biking on the Right Side of History

Earlier today, I took part in activities which must make the Editorial Board of the Washington Times’ skin crawl. First, I took my daughter on a bike ride from Brookland to Capitol Hill where we followed safety laws and were on a non-fossil fuel form of transportation (oh, the horror). We didn’t get any tickets because we weren’t speeding and thus did not trigger any speed cameras (and no I don’t have plates on my bike). Then, I took my daughter with me to meet with the Legislative Director for a member of the California House Delegation to lobby the member of Congress to sign on as a cosponsor H.R. 265, the New Columbia Admission. It can’t get more contrary to the thinking of the Washington Times than biking with my daughter to Capitol Hill to lobby for Statehood but for me it can’t get much better than that.

I had a great morning with my daughter biking across the District, advocating for Statehood, and spending time together. We need more mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters joining us on the Hill to push for full and equal citizenship rights through statehood! Bike, walk, metro, or drive to the Hill, I won’t judge you, we just want you to join the cause. I’m confident my daughter and I are on the right side of history and I’m happy that today we took another small step closer to making history. To be corny maybe we’re just one pedal closer to becoming the 51st State or so a father and daughter can only hope!

To join our push for DC Statehood email us at


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