Green Party Officially Supports DC Statehood (Again)

In a Presidential Election year many people understandably turn their attention to the candidates as their main focus but each candidate represents a party and and set of party ideas as written in each Party’s Platform. Just over a week ago the Green Party took a noble stand (again) by putting unequivocal support for DC Statehood in their party platform ( Specifically, the Green Party’s Platform states: “Enact statehood for the District of Columbia. Ensure that residents of the District of Columbia have the same rights and representation as all other U.S. citizens.”

While the Green Party candidate for President (Jill Stein, in case you were wondering) might not get a lot of attention their Platform should and specifically its language on DC Statehood should be included in this year’s Democratic and Republican Party Platforms as well. A group of citizens from the District are already organizing to go to Charlotte, NC to press the Democratic Party to include support for DC Statehood in its Platform and a similar group will be headed to Tampa for the Republican Party Convention. If you want to join either group to help push the two “major” parties to do the right thing just contact us at and we’ll get you all of the appropriate contact information for trip organizers.

The Green Party has already done the right thing and the other two should follow suit!

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