Thanks to the Lexington Herald-Leader!

A few weeks ago at the suggestion of my wife and with her stellar editorial assistance I penned a “Letter to the Editor” of the Lexington Herald-Leader. Yesterday, a colleague informed me that a friend of a friend from Lexington had sent him word that a piece calling out Rand Paul as a hypocrite was published on July 10th, in the Herald.  Here is the link to the Letter to the Editor, you’ll have to scroll down on the page to read it:

And here’s the text of it for easier reading:

Paul meddling with D.C.

Never mind the needs of the people of Kentucky, Sen. Rand Paul wants to be a local legislator in the District of Columbia.

Paul killed a bill which would have given D.C.’s elected officials the ability to manage the district’s own tax revenues and budgets by saddling the bill with social policy riders.

D.C. residents have no representation in Congress and are sadly used as political pawns by politicians from other jurisdictions who meddle in our affairs.

Paul, a Tea Party patriot and alleged champion of liberty and the right to self-determination, is a hypocrite. He has spent his career speaking out in favor of local control over local affairs.

Yet, Paul wants to play King George and dictate laws and policies for people in a local jurisdiction who are taxed but not represented.

D.C. has produced balanced budgets for 15 consecutive years and is barely more dependent on the federal government for funding than is your commonwealth — 25 percent of D.C.’s 2008 budget came from the federal government while the feds chipped in 24 percent of Kentucky’s.

We deserve the right to vote for elected officials who then have the authority to spend our money. We did not elect Paul nor give him our consent to govern us.

Please demand that he works on issues that will improve the lives of Kentuckians, and not micromanage the lives of people of the District of Columbia.

Joshua Burch

Washington, D.C.

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