We Need Some Friends

With Mayor Gray having a cloud of corruption surrounding him, 2 council members already having resigned, a few others with some serious ethical problems, and Trent Franks and Rand Paul lurking in the shadows waiting to act as de facto Mayors we need some friends. We need some friends real bad!

First and foremost we, as District citizens, need to stick together and stand up for ourselves by demanding good and ethical government. Second, we need to speak out and speak up for our ability to control our own government through Statehood. And third, we need to seek the help of strategic allies around the country and right here in the U.S. Capitol.

To start with, on Capitol Hill there are currently five members of the House Judiciary Committee who are cosponsors of H.R. 265, the New Columbia Admission Act. We, however, should have more cosponsors on the bill from the Judiciary Committee. We should start contacting the following members and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 265 and to stand with us in our struggle to be full and equal U.S. citizens: Brad Sherman, Mel Watt, Zoe Lofgren, Mike Quigley, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Ted Deutch, and Linda Sanchez. The aforementioned folks should stand with us as natural allies for DC Statehood and a few of their colleagues from the other side of the political aisle should join us as strange bedfellows.

We shouldn’t be picky about our friends these days, we simply need more of them so why not start with the House Judiciary Committte members.


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