Reading for Rand: The U.S. Constitution

It might seem that two pieces on Sen. Rand Paul in a week is excessive but that’s simply because it is. We, in the District, really shouldn’t have to worry about him at all, but we do because he’s a meddlesome federal interventionist despite claims to the contrary. First, he threw his ‘limited federal government’ credentials out the door by attempting to become a legislator in the District Council via the US Senate and now he’s showing an absolute lack of constitutional knowledge, scary for a US Senator.

After the Supreme Court ruling on the so-called ‘Obamacare’ bill Politico posted an article quoting Senator Paul saying essentially that just because 5 justices on the Supreme Court say something is Constitutional doesn’t mean it’s Constitutional. Say What? What an absolute lack of understanding of the Constitution for a loud mouth who repeatedly, like his daddy, talks about returning the USA to a “constitutional democracy.” Please!!! For someone to be a champion of constitutional democracy to not know or understand Article III of the Constitution is mind-boggling.

What’s galling about this is the fact that earlier this year I reached out to Senator Paul, through his legislative staff, to see if he’d be willing to introduce the New Columbia Admission Act. Many might think this would be a crazy proposition but if he truly believes in a limited federal government and local control over local affairs I figured he’d be the perfect ‘strange bedfellow’ to introduce the New Columbia Admission Act.

A legislative staffer did call me to discuss the bill, earlier this year. As an aside, I am grateful that she returned my call as many staff of our so-called friends (see all Democrats in the House except for the 27 cosponsors of HR 265) don’t even return emails or calls on this issue. We had a polite conversation on the bill where she expressed the Senator’s ‘sympathy’ for us being taxed without representation but she repeatedly said that the Senator believes that our status of disenfranchisement can only be fixed via a constitutional amendment. Several times in the conversation I referenced Article I Section 8 of the Constitution and the wording “not to exceed 100 square miles,” but she would not budge from the argument that the Constitution must be changed.

I then asked her, how then can it be Constitutional that land was ceded back to Virginia in 1846 through an act of Congress without a change in the Constitution and she gave me the same line that the Constitution must be changed for the District (the residential and commercial portions) to become a state. I strongly but politely disagreed with her and we ended the conversation.

Given his and his staff’s lack of Constitutional knowledge I think a productive activity would be to send Senator Paul the Constitution. Yes, since he and his staff clearly are either void of copies in their office or have chosen not the read them whether its Article III which deals with the Judiciary or Article I Section 8 which deals with the District they clearly need to! Reading is fundamental, folks!!! Reading the Constitution should be fundamental as well especially for hypocrites who claim to follow it.

So just follow this link and then copy the entire text of the Constitution and paste it into the ‘message’ portion of the contact form along with whatever witty message you so choose. Here’s the link to Rand’s Contact Form: Contact Reading for Rand

Two weeks ago Mayor Gray signed an anti-bullying law into effect. The law is important to stop young people from belittling and bullying those they deem weaker, maybe it’s time we, the citizenry of the District as a whole, stand up to bullies like Rand Paul to stop their reckless and abusive behaviors. Stand Up for DC, Stand Up for Statehood.


PS. This post was written while embedded on Capitol Hill since Brookland was once again walloped by a storm and the lack of underground power lines has caused us to be without power for the 2nd time in a week…a very hot week!

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