Rand Paul: Enemy of the 51st State

Rand Paul is not our friend, quite frankly, earlier today he showed that he’s both a shameless hypocrite and an opponent of democracy. Never mind the needs of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul is busying himself acting like a local legislator here in the District of Columbia. We are 618,000 tax-paying Americans (more people than the state of Wyoming) who have no representation in Congress and lack autonomy over our own local affairs. Our ‘state’ budget is similar to that of Kentucky with 75% of our state budget coming from local dollars whereas in Kentucky 76% of your state budget comes from state taxes and fees.  Senator Paul, in the last week has decided to impose his will and beliefs on legislation that affects the District of Columbia and its people only. We have a local Council to make our laws; we did not elect Rand Paul to write our laws. His actions have rightfully caused leaders in the Senate to pull the bill, a deal like this with Senator Paul is like a deal with…well, you know who.

While we appreciate his concern for us, we, quite frankly, do not need or want his help. In fact, we don’t really appreciate his concern because we see it for what it is: political pandering and shameless showboating. He was elected by the people of Kentucky to represent them on local and national issues, not issues affecting the District of Columbia. He has spent his career speaking out against the federal government forcing states to do things against their will, yet now he finds it convenient to promote and extend the long arm of the federal government, which he so hates, to impose national issues on to those of us in the District and exploit our lack of representation in Congress.

Our country and the Commonwealth of Kentucky are dealing with issues of war and peace, the role of government in health care and immigration, and working to find solutions to our economic woes. Amidst these urgent issues, Senator Paul seems to have time to micromanage the affairs of a city with “Home Rule”. We are by no means a perfect place, but no state is (See the woes of Illinois’ recent governors). We are like the people of Kentucky in many ways but one: we are taxed but have no representation. As the 4th of July comes upon us, I ask that the people of Kentucky and the nation as a whole remind Senator Paul of the words within the Declaration of Independence that state that “government derives its power from the consent of the governed.”

We did not elect Rand Paul. We did not give him our consent to govern us.  The people of Kentucky did, and so we ask that they please take him back and have him work on the issues that are a priority to the people of Kentucky. We ask that they further request that he supports the New Columbia Admission Act the only constitutional path to grant the citizens of the District of Columbia full and equal citizenship rights as the 51st state in this great Union.

To my friends and relatives in Kentucky please give Rand Paul’s office a call and tell him to mind Kentucky’s business not the District of Columbia’s: www.paul.senate.gov

A sad reminder of why Statehood is our only solution. Let’s keep educating, organizing, and fighting for our right to be full and equal U.S. citizens.


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