Okay, so in addition to the public shame of having the Council Chair resign after admitting to fraud and now an election crime all of the news cycles this week have also been committed to this subject. And while our attention was on the failings of Kwame Brown we were all so distracted that we missed the fact that a House subcommittee passed the same crappy District budget that led to protests and the arrest 41 people in 2011. No District funds for abortions or needle exchanges which District voters have historically supported but Congress won’t let us fund them. Last year Kwame Brown, Mayor Gray, and other elected officials were being arrested in a noble way in protest against an intrusive Congress…and this year we are distracted so much by ethics accusations and plea deals that barely a peep was made about the same intrusive Congressional actions.

The District needs to move on, we need to get refocused on ourselves and our democratic destiny, and we need to move past those elected officials that distract us and bring harm to our image.

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