Rough Few Weeks…Time to Shake It Off & Stand Up

So a few weeks ago I headed out of town for a work training and man, the smelly stuff really hit the fan in this town (no, I’m not referring to local officials and ethics scandals). First, Trent Franks continued his ego driven push to limit abortion rights of the women of the District and overturn the laws created by our locally elected officials (I wonder how many times he googled his name to see all the ‘press’ he was getting). And then, Phil Gingrey amended a spending bill to say that military servicemen and women serving in the District should be exempt from the District’s gun laws…in text message language: WTF!

These guys are the worst type of political panderers looking to fire up their base by picking on the District and its citizens. To be honest, they still have the constitutional right to do so but it is a violation of the principles of the Home Rule Charter and more importantly its a violation of their core principles (if they really have them). For decades (since the GOP took over the South) the Republican Party has championed phrases such as ‘local control over local affairs.’ But not now, not when the “local” area is filled with people that don’t look or think like them.

Both Congressman are exhibiting the behavior of a schoolyard bully. Lashing out at someone weaker (yep, we ain’t got no representation) to cover up their own insecurities. If Congressman Franks had real guts he’d push a bill to restrict abortions after 20 weeks nationwide, but he’s a coward so he’ll pick on the District to make himself and a few crazies that follow him feel better. If Congressman Gingrey had real guts he’d make his amendment a national law, but he knows all 50 states would rebel against the federal government attempting to let a class of people be exempt from their gun laws so he’ll instead go back to Georgia and tell his constituents that he “fought for the right of military men and women to arm themselves in that hellhole of a city.”

These two bullies can get away with their shameless legislating for three reasons: 1) their constituents buy this crap and think its great; 2) the Constitution does allow it since Congress has ultimate legislative authority over the federal district; and 3) because we in the District pretty much lay down and accept crap like this because we think it’s the norm.

New Columbians, it’s time to shake off the dust and the dirt from the last two weeks. It’s time to shake off the dust and the dirt of the last 200 years where we’ve been denied the most basic and fundamental right of a democracy, the right to vote. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and push back against the bullies, to call-out their insecurities, to work to defeat them, and most importantly to take hold of our democratic destiny and sieze Statehood because it is the right path forward.

Please join the effort to push for Statehood we’ve been bullied for too long, we deserve better, we deserve to be equal citizens: Join the effort by emailing us at


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2 Responses to Rough Few Weeks…Time to Shake It Off & Stand Up

  1. Anne says:

    And then, when DC citizens went to Rep. Franks’ office to protest this egrgious violation of our human rights, his staff locked the doors!

    • jburchdc says:

      Good point! And true to form of other bullies when he was confronted he cowered behind the locked door of his office. All those folks wanted was to peacefully request he assist with fixing some problems.

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