Statehood Gets Us Autonomy

Mike DeBonis in the Washington Post wrote an interesting piece as to why the push for budget autonomy is doomed. If this is in fact the case shouldn’t we just be having the fight over Statehood instead of these half steps and rescindable measures like budget autonomy.

I’ll write more later but really, we seem to keep wasting our energy and resources on half steps. Incrementalism continues to fail so let’s just stick with what we want: Statehood. I hope to pen a piece soon assessing the incrementalist approach vs. Statehood as it’s something we as a city/state need to discuss and come together on. There has never been a unified push for Statehood but there have been unified pushes for a Constitutional Amendment for full congressional representation, for one vote in the house, and supposed budget autonomy and all have failed (although budget autonomy is still technically alive). We’ve never ever unified on Statehood, maybe its time. Correction, it is time!

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