There are better ways to spend $202,000

Recently, Loose Lips for the Washington City Paper wrote an article on the fact that Pete Ross, Shadow Senate candidate vying to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the general election owes the District hundreds of thousands of dollars yet has not paid up. Quite frankly, just as Harry Thomas Jr. was forced/shamed to resign (and then plead guilty to charges of corruption) it seems that Pete Ross purely out of shame should not be allowed to hold elective office given the fact that he still owes us $430,000 in unpaid taxes. If a contractor wants to get a District government contract they must get a “clean hands” certification which means they must prove they don’t owe the District any money. The same goes for District government employees so why should we elect someone with such a dishonorable distinction?

The fact that he’s pouring $202,000 into his primary campaign for an unpaid office obviously means the dude is financially loaded however, if he wants to be our Shadow Senator what has he done for the Statehood movement? He was arrested in an act of civil disobedience last year which is commendable but where was he before that? It led us to think about the fact that $202,000 is not only way too much for the primary election for an unpaid office but that money could be better spent if it went straight to Statehood advocacy and organizing. So Pete Ross, for $202,000 you could be a real champion for Statehood by agreeing to fund:

  • Two full-time people to lobby Congress and organize neighborhoods to push for Statehood for one year
  • Bail for 1000 people who get arrested in opposition to Taxation Without Representation and that could last for a while since only 70 or so people were arrested in 2011
  • 545,945 bumper stickers that say “Support Statehood for New Columbia” almost one per person in our fair city/state!
  • 44,298 t-shirts that say “End Taxation Without Representation, Support New Columbian Statehood” which would give every child in a DCPS school a t-shirt promoting the cause
  • 448 4’x8’signs at the District border and beyond that say End Taxation Without Representation, Support Statehood For New Columbia

These are just a few ways that $202,000 dollars could be better spent. First and foremost he should pay back the city, and secondly he should commit the money to promoting a cause not promoting himself (we have plenty of that already).

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