FREE DC Freedom School

Congrats to FREE DC for the announcement of their DC Statehood Freedom Schools:

Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition (FREE DC) Launches

“FREE DC Freedom School”


Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition has launched, the “Free DC Freedom School,” to educate DC residents about how DC statehood can be achieved, how it would impact the District, and how lack of statehood affects DC residents’ everyday lives. This mobile virtual “school” is based on the Freedom Schools of the 1960’s civil rights movement that politically empowered residents of the South who had been shut out of the democratic process for centuries. Stand Up/Free DC! is training its members and other grassroots activists to use its newly developed DC statehood curriculum guide. The facts and information will empower, educate and inspire.

“The next step to achieving DC statehood is reaching out to our communities, educating our citizens and getting them involved in the struggle,” said Stand Up! President and Executive Director Anise Jenkins. “Our ‘Free DC Freedom School’ is bringing together educators and statehood activists to make sure that our citizens are well-informed about the history of DC’s disenfranchisement and how we can work together to Free DC!  We ask that churches, civic associations and grassroots organizations invite us to come out and we will be there!”

The campaign will culminate in a city-wide “Citizens’ Statehood Summit” in mid-2012 to bring together citizens and elected officials from around the District. Participants in the summit will discuss ideas presented at the neighborhood meetings, with the goal of arriving at an action plan for achieving statehood for DC.

The Free DC Freedom School builds on Stand Up’s experience in sponsoring teach-ins and other educational presentations, with the added feature of a curriculum developed in partnership with leading academics and local historians. The project is supported by a grant from the Executive Office of the Mayor, Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia, and also by a grant from the Diverse City Fund.

The Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition (Free DC) was founded in 1997 to help educate the public about the District’s need to achieve full statehood and possible paths for obtaining it.
Anise Jenkins Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition     202-232-2500     FREE DC! STAND UP! FREE DC! STAND UP! FREE DC! STATEHOOD NOW

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