Thou Shall Not Speak Too Soon!

Last Thursday night I was thinking that the week couldn’t get worse for the Statehood movement after 4 setbacks over the first four days of the work week. Surely, I thought, it couldn’t get worse. Surely, not even DC, the home of the Redskins and Wizards and Capitals and Nationals couldn’t have 5 bad days in a row. No way, I thought, ‘we’re a town of winners!’ And then our Statehood delegation got to New Hampshire and got worked over by state delegates none to happy about our gun laws and our progressive social programs and our corrupt local officials. The way the story goes according to the Washington Post our delegation got worked over and then got back on a plane and came home. Five days in a row we got hit and never again shall I speak too soon about things not getting much worse for the Statehood cause.

Joking aside what happened in New Hampshire shows a big flaw in this state house by state house Statehood movement. We don’t need state houses to become a state, we need Congress and all that happened up in New Hampshire was a kick to our collective statehood gut. It didn’t go well and it didn’t look good. This portion of the Statehood movement is about symbolism and if the symbol is a state house committee voting down our bill I’m not sure what we’re achieving. Did their local news even cover it? Did the national news? Is there a chance that the House of Delegates as a whole will pass a bill that the committed already rejected, I’m not sure but I don’t like the chances. We need to be a bit more thoughtful and methodical and that starts in our own backyard where the Statehood movement will be one or lost: Congress.

Once again, I’d like to know how many people in that delegation have gone to visit the members of Congress from New Hampshire and what did they say? I wish the trip had been successful but it wasn’t so we need to think about what we need to do differently so we don’t get the same results in Florida, Illinois, and Tennessee.

This is a new week and it’s time to brush ourselves off and get back in the movement, we have got a lot of work left to do. Come and join us:


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