Thank Goodness It’s Friday…Statehood took a hit this week!

This, to be mild, was a bad week for the DC Statehood movement. I’ll go into more details with future posts about some of the individual issues listed below but here’s a run down of all the hits that the Statehood movement took this week:

  1. On Monday, the House attempted to move forward on seizing our (DCs) WWI memorial and then make the new WWI memorial in Missouri somewhere. The DC memorial was built by the District and is maintained by NPS but to nationalize it is simply a slap in our face. It’s wrong and disrespectful. Congressman Ted Poe should be ashamed of himself but he’s not, he’s a member of Congress who just points to the Constitution and says “see, we can do this.”
  2. On Monday, Congressman Trent Franks sponsored a bill to force limits on DC laws for abortions. Again, he should be ashamed of himself, but he’s not, he’s a member of Congress who just points to the Constitution and says “see, we can do this.” Kudos to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton for calling out his cynical hypocrisy by asking why he doesn’t try to impose that law on the whole country.
  3. On Tuesday, Obama (once again) forgot to utter a peep about DC Statehood in his State of the Union speech. I thought my compelling blog post (see below) and email to the White House was going to sway him but alas he ignored all of us, including me, once again. The real shame is what if this was his last State of the Union. What if he loses in November…we got no chance with the next guy but I do think he’ll be the next guy so he have three more chances given the clowns running against him.
  4. On Thursday or maybe Wednesday Newt in another speech presumably about how smart he thinks he is said we’d have a colony on the moon by the end of his second term. First, neither of those will happen, but then he went on to say the 51st State could be on the moon. What? When the moon has better traction for Statehood than DC we know it’s been a bad week for Statehood.
  5. Today, Mark Plotkin was fired from WTOP. What a loss for the Statehood cause as he’s been a consistent and vocal voice for the cause calling out friends and foes for their opposition or wavering on the issue. I hope he’s back on the air soon as we need his voice to keep pushing and prodding and advocating. I miss him already but hope we won’t miss him for too long.

Thank goodness it’s Friday. Let’s lick our wounds, regroup, and start a fresh next week because this week was full of insults, backhanded slaps, setbacks, and outright acts of aggression toward the District. We need to stay positive and keep our eyes on the prize with the Statehood here not on the moon (at least not until they have 617,000 disenfranchised people too).

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