State(hood) of the Union…Just One Paragraph, Please!

On Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 President Obama is slated to give a State of the Union speech that focuses on fairness, specifically economic fairness. While I applaud the subject matter and philosophically agree with the focus it remains an incomplete portrayal of fairness in the United States. President Obama should commit at least one paragraph to fairness as it relates to those of us in the District of Columbia who simply want fair and equal rights and representation. The root cause of the American Revolution was taxation without representation which is the present state of affairs today in the District of Columbia. If our system of government imposed on the District was imposed on Virginia, or Wyoming or Arizona or any other state there would be an outright rebellion because the system is unfair, unjust, and contrary to the founding principles of our democracy. It’s time for change and the man who campaigned on Change We Believe In must now become a leader for Statehood We Can Achieve!

So when President Obama speaks on Tuesday night he should include the following paragraph (I’m no speech writer so I defer to his team to spice it up as they know best):

While Americans across the country seek economic fairness and stability that generations of Americans have come to rely on and have faith in there is a group of our fellow citizens who simply seek to be full and equal partners in the American democratic experiment. This group works hard, pays taxes, and fights in wars just as people in the 50 states do yet they are still denied the basic promise of American democracy by having limited control over their local government and no say in their national government. To the 617,000 disenfranchised citizens of the District of Columbia and to the people of the 50 states it’s time to realize that American fairness at its core is about fair and equal representation, it’s about taxation with representation, and it’s about government deriving its power from the consent of the people. We can no longer ignore the injustice of the colonial status of the District of Columbia and the only way to achieve fairness, equality, and justice is to support DC Statehood. I urge Congress to be bold and take on this unfinished business of the American democratic experiment and pass H.R. 265 the New Columbia Admission Act. The time has come for DC Statehood!

This would be a great step forward for our cause and the cause of fair and equal rights for all citizens. The bill won’t come to a vote this year, the House won’t allow it, but it would be a great symbolic move. Let’s be honest that’s what State of the Union addresses are for, symbolism. It’s symbolic that both Houses of Congress sit together to listen to the President report on the State of the Union it’s really only a constitutional requirement that the President from time to time report on the state of the union but makes no mention of it having to be in person. So why not use the symbolism to not just discuss the national issue of economic fairness but discuss the founding principles of fairness, equality, and justice as it relates to the Statehood cause for the District of Columbia.

I encourage readers to send an email to the White House  asking President Obama to mention the cause of DC Statehood in the State of the Union. He says he supports us now he needs show us and tell the country that it’s time to admit New Columbia into the Union as the 51st State.

Join the movement for DC Statehood by emailing


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