Does Size Really Matter?

States come in all sizes, some are big in area but small in population and some are small in area and big in population while most are a variation of both. The point is this no state is disqualified because it has too many or too few people as the Constitution articulates no threshold for either and no state has ever been kicked out of the Union because it’s too large or too small in size. For these to reasons I’ve decided to write letters to the Congressional delegations of Wyoming and Rhode Island and will ask them to cosponsor H.R. 265 in the House and/or offer the companion bill in the Senate.

Rhode Island is the smallest state (although still much bigger than DC) but they seem to do just fine on their own and have done just fine since it entered the Union as one of the original states, post colonial era. Somehow, despite not have much land they’ve functioned as a state for over 200 years… simply amazing! And then there’s Wyoming, they have only 573,000 people in their state, yep less than DC but somehow they seem to operate just fine as a state and quite frankly don’t seem to like too much outside interference.

So look out Congressional Delegations from Rhode Island and Wyoming, I’m reaching out to you so you can help us make the case for statehood under the slogan: DC Statehood Now…(because size doesn’t matter)!

If you want to join me in writing to these members of the House and Senate please email me at

Thanks and let’s keep up the momentum,


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