Ward 5- The Most Disenfranchised Place in America

As you know this blog is a place to inform and educate others about the need for DC Statehood and the reasons why it is a just cause. At times, this blog is also a place for me to vent my personal frustrations with our lack of full citizenship or to rant about other injustices I see in the District.

Ward 5 is my home, I moved here in 1978 when I was just over 1-year-old, moved away in the mid-nineties and then moved back in 2002 and pretty much have been here ever since. It’s a great Ward and I live in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the District, Brookland, which is filled with beautiful homes, friendly people, and a few whackos on the list serve. As much as I love Brookland and Ward 5 it seems to be on the verge of being the most disenfranchised places in America.

Ward 5, like the rest of the District, lacks autonomy over our local budget, we lack a full seat in the US House of Representatives and lack 2 Senators in the US Senate. So from a local government and national representation perspective we’re in the same boat as the other 7 Wards: We Get No Respect. But now, even our limited local representation seems to have gone away. Our council member, Harry Thomas, Jr., who is under a cloud of investigations is now virtually powerless before the City Council. His colleagues want him to take a leave of absence until the investigation wraps up (http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/federal-probe-complicates-how-dc-council-can-deal-with-thomas/2011/12/04/gIQA59y5TO_story.html). If this is the case we in Ward 5 will be the most disenfranchised place in America. No local representation and no national representation. If CM Thomas takes a leave of absence from his job I hope the city hands out new license plates to us Ward Fivers that say “Double Taxation Without Representation.”

Ward 5 is a wonderful place, I’ve lived the majority of my life in it but we need to be the change we seek and find new local representation and be the leader in fighting for national representation. Ward 5 needs to stand up for itself and we need to shed the shameful title as the most disenfranchised place in America.

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