Is Everything Really On the Table?

As it appears that the “Supercommittee” will not agree to a deal that will reduce the national debt by $1.2 trillion I wonder if everything really is on the table. Of course the main debate is about cutting entitlement programs vs. increasing taxes on the wealthy (actually reverting back to a previous tax policy not a new tax) but I wonder what else the considered. If they just advocated and recommended DC Statehood they would save $240 million right away. Once DC becomes a state, if not before, we need to have full control and oversight over our local courts which we do not presently have. By advocating for and recommending DC Statehood as part of their recommendations they could save the federal government the roughly $240 million the federal government spends annually managing our local courts.

It’s a small percentage of the needed budget deal but it’s a huge deal to grant 600,000 full citizenship rights while also saving the federal government some money. Just a thought.

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