Brookland Takes The Lead!!!

On Saturday, November 12th after a lively discussion on DC Statehood at the monthly Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association meeting the BNCA voted to create a committee on DC Statehood. The committee will focus on organizing residents to take concrete actions toward Statehood while keeping the membership of the BNCA and other citizens informed of issues and events around the District pertaining to Statehood.

Brookland hosted the frist Neighbors Untied for Statehood Teach-In and now has worked with the BNCA to create a committee on Statehood. We hope that we’ll have more teach-ins, letter writing sessions to members of Congress, and lobbying teams to go up on the Hill from Brookland over the coming year. We have a lot of work to do in Brookland to build a critical mass but we are building a movement and piece by piece we are getting stronger. Organizing sometimes is not easy nor is it fast but our cause is just and our supporters are persistent and we are starting to build a grassroots movement for Statehood.

Now we need other neighbors to join our effort. There are roughly 130 neighborhoods in the District and we need a group or groups in each neighborhood. There are over 200 ANC Single Member Districts and they all should be supporting the push for Statehood. And there are 40 Civic Associations and each one should follow Brookland’s lead and create a committee that focuses solely on Statehood. What could be a better civic duty that educating and organizing others so we all can become full citizens of the United States of America as the 51st state.

To join the movement please email:

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