This Is What Democracy Looks Like!!!

“This is what democracy looks like” is a common phrase chanted at protests in our beloved city/non-state. H.R. 265, the New Columbia Admission Act, a bill before Congress actually is a bill that would show us what democracy looks like. This bill would create New Columbia as a state which would finally grant 601,000 U.S. citizens the full rights, privileges, and protections as our other 300 million compatriots. Since the Constitution sets an upper limit for the District of Columbia (100 square miles) the District would be shrunk to the Mall, the White House, the Capitol, and the federal areas immediately surrounding those sites. All of the area outside that federal district would then become the state of New Columbia. Remember Arlington County retroceded back to Virginia in the 1840s thus demonstrating the constitutional validity of shrinking the size of the federal district while allowing New Columbia’s admission to the union.

H.R. 265 is the only constitutionally valid way to give us all full protections and rights under the Constitution. We deserve autonomy from congressional oversight, we deserve full representation in Congress, and we deserve them both at the same time and only H.R. 265 would get us there.

Adopt a member of Congress today and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 265!

To see a map of New Columbia and the new federal area follow this link: STATE OF NEW COLUMBIA MAP

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