From H.R. 51 to H.R. 265

Statehood activists in the District are organizing a new strategy to push H.R. 265, the New Columbia Admission Act. First up is to get the members in the House that previously cosponsored H.R. 51 back in 1993 to sign on to H.R. 265 as cosponsors once again. There are currently 32 members in the House that cosponsored H.R. 51 and are still around including powerful members like Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, and John Lewis to name a few. Hopefully that’s 32 cosponsors who we can count on and from there we can branch out to get more cosponsors. The problem is this: We need people to help push this bill and we need people writing, emailing, and calling members of Congress to get them to cosponsor it.

Eleanor Holmes Norton cannot spend all her time on H.R. 265 because she spends most of it fighting off an intrusive Congress. That’s were we all can come in. We need to fill the voids and contact these intial 32 members and then branch out from there. We need to explain to members new and old our plight and find new allies and build diverse coalitions so that the most liberal of liberals and the most conservative of conservatives sees our status as a violation of the basic democratic principles of our country. We need the left and the right to join with the middle to say that H.R. 265 is a civil rights bill that would finally grant full citizenship rights to 601,000 District citizens.

To join this effort please contact me at or email Elinor Hart who is the main organizer at

To view H.R. 265 click on this link: HR 265

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