Irene, You Forgot a Few Things…

Irene, you came and went and aside from some power outages here in the District we already hardly remember you. Unfortunately, your serious winds didn’t result in winds of change which we could surely use here in the District. As the US Congress holds an approval rating of 13% our local legislature, the District Council, deserves no better and I sure wish Irene had swept a few of them away (metaphorically speaking of course) or swept in some new rules and laws to govern them since they have no sense of what ethical governance means.

Irene, you forgot to sweep away my Councilmember who agreed to pay back the District $300,000 that he deceptively took from the District for his own personal gain. Although Harry Thomas Jr. has admitted no wrong the paper trail he left behind from his travels to his Audi purchase surely show he wasn’t help the young people unless he considers himself one. He enriched himself using the power of his office and now has to pay it back, interest free…even though I’m happy he has to pay it back without interest he got a better deal than had he borrowed $300,000 from a bank.

Irene, I wish you had swept Harry Thomas, Jr. out of office…it’s time for him to go.

Irene, you forgot to sweep away the paternalistic financial guru of the city council who acts like he’s smarter than all of us, Jack Evans. He’s so smart that he spent $135,000 on professional sports tickets using his constituent services fund. He also used that fund to pay for over $3,000 worth of his staff’s parking tickets. The constituent services fund is there to help District citizens in need…our sports franchises should be giving away tickets (especially because except for the Caps they all suck) to District citizens not relying on Paternal Jack to buy season tickets with his constituent services fund. Imagine if this same issue had happened yet it was with Councilmember Marion Barry and not Jack Evans, how do you think people would react?

Irene, I wish you had swept Jack Evans out of office.

Irene, you forgot to sweep away Michael A. Brown, you know the guy who ran up a big debt at the  Verizon Center, broke federal election laws, forgot to pay taxes, and then ran for city council based on his father’s good name in the city (see Harry Thomas above as well). Now, he’s cutting back room deals on internet gambling and saying to District residents that he’s held hearing but a few weeks ago the District reporting dean, Tom Sherwood said he could find no public record of these hearings. I’m not for or against internet gambling mainly because I don’t know enough about it and maybe I would have an opinion had a hearing been held because geeks like me to watch the city council TV channel (oh, the shame to admit that publicly).

Irene, I wish you had swept Michael A. Brown out of office.

Irene, you’re long gone so I don’t want to dwell on this but my list could keep going as out of 13 City Council members I can count on one hand (and I don’t need all my fingers on that hand) the number of council members that I trust. I believe in government but I yearn for good governance. I thirst for District Statehood but in order to galvanize a citizenry for this we need to have leaders that inspire us, leaders that we trust and are willing to follow. I wish Irene had brought winds of change to the District City Council because like their congressional overseers they deserve about a 13% approval rating for their conduct and lack of ethical practices.

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1 Response to Irene, You Forgot a Few Things…

  1. jburchdc says:

    Just to be clear, the above piece doesn’t accuse Jack Evans of breaking District law, it’s simply the author’s opinion that spending $135,000 on sports tickets is a horrible use of the constituent services fund and really does make it look like the personification of a slush fund. Moral standards and ethical goverance aren’t always about following the law…

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