Dan Snyder, My Reasons to Dislike You Just Grew

For the last 12 years, I think, I’ve disliked (a mild term considering how I really feel) the owner of Washington’s NFL Team for two main reasons: 1) the team has sucked almost the entire time he’s owned it and thus my Sundays and Mondays have been relatively miserable since he bought the team; and 2) he should change the name because it is racist (mind you I still cheer for the team but think the name should be changed and try my best not to use the actual name).

Now my list just grew…Mr. Snyder as the old ball coach called him recently sued the City Paper and its reporter for an article it ran about him for libel. I think his suit is stupid and a waste of time not to mention I think there are serious 1st Amendment issues surrounding the case. So that’s my third reason to “dislike” Dan Synder because he tries to use his money and power to infringe the free speech of others (hope he doesn’t sue me).

And now, this character who has ruined our Sundays and Mondays, keeps a team name that is racist, and hates free speech now has decided that he is opposed to the District’s Home Rule Charter and our ability to govern ourselves. Dan Synder and his legal team want to have the District’s law against frivolous lawsuits ruled unconstitutional since the City Paper is trying to use that local law as the reason to have Synder’s suit against it dismissed. Mr. Synder’s motion basically says that the U.S. Constitution explicitly states that Congress has authority over the District and thus local laws should be declared invalid and yes, unconstitutional.

Mr. Snyder, it’s bad enough you’ve ruined the end of my weekends and the beginning of my weeks in the Fall for 12 years, it’s worse that you keep a team name that clearly offends the descendants of the original inhabitats of this land area now called the United States, but it’s your attacks on both a free media and the right of 600,000 District residents to create our own laws that really makes me dislike you. Oh, how I wish you owned the Dallas Cowboys instead. I could rationalize all of your imperfections because of some of my own prejudices toward that town and most of that state and its sports team. But no, you’re one of us. You’re from this area, you’ve loved that team your whole life yet you’re destroying it and to be from the Nation’s Capital and to try to strike down first amendment and Home Rule is mindboogling. Mr. Synder your attack on home rule is for your own selfish and egotistical gains. Leave us out of your fights about your insecurities.

DC needs statehood to protect us from courts listening to the pleas of high paid corporate lawyers that while trying to protect a millionaire’s image attack the democratic rights of 600,000 Americans.

I can’t believe I’ll still cheer for the team on Sundays…fight on, fight on til you have won Sons of Washington (for statehood)!

For more info read the Washington City Paper: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2011/08/02/dan-snyder-responds-to-washington-city-paper-anti-slapp-motion/

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