Step by Step

This past week was a good week for cause of Neighbors United for DC Statehood. On Sunday citizens gathered in Manor Park to discuss the push for statehood. Citizens from both Manor Park and Brookland joined together for an afternoon where we shared information and discussed strategies for pushing our work forward. Step-by-step, teach-in by teach-in we will build a movement that will ultimately gain full citizenship rights for 600,000 Americans here in the District.

On Tuesday night we were able to give a brief presentation about our organizing strategy at the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association meeting where several attendees after the meeting agreed to join the cause. We need everyone possible to join this movement and for those of us that are committed we need to expend the extra effort to reach out to those that are indifferent to this cause. We cannot just preach, preach, preach about the injustice being done to us through our disenfranchisement. We must spend time listeing to those who are not as committed and find out what their questions and concerns are. Statehood will have a multitude of beneficial outcomes but what I think is the most important outcome might not be the same for someone else. We must listen at our house parties and teach-ins to those who aren’t convinced statehood is the right path and learn from them too.

We’re slowly taking steps forward but we need to continue educating, organizing, acting, and listening. Our movement must be a movement of the people and by the people for it to be sustainable and victorious.

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