Adopt a Member of Congress

Brookland’s Anne Anderson is organizing an effort to have citizens of the District adopt a member or members of Congress to write to in support of DC statehood. I’m choosing to join this effort because the process by which we will achieve statehood is a political process which needs majority votes in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. I’m choosing to write letters to select members of the Maryland and Virginia delegations because I have family in each state and I own property and attended college in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am also adopting members whose District’s border DC because I fear that they support only a limited power for us and not full statehood for fear that we might impose a commuter tax on their constituents (yes, we probably will do that but statehood is a civil rights issue not an economic self interest issue). I look forward to writing these members of the House and Senate and to recruiting family members and friends who live in these areas to write their members of Congress in support of DC Statehood.

I hope you will join in the effort. You can adopt just one member or several or 535 if you’re really ambitious! I’ll also be writing to Del. Norton to thank her for sponsoring the New Columbia Statehood Bill. We need to let her know that we as her constituents want statehood and want her to concentrate her efforts on statehood.

For more information on this effort here are two links to documents created by Anne: Adopt-a-Congressman letter instructions 4-16-11 and Statehood one-pager AAs version–adopt project–3-25-11

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