Still Taxed and Not Represented…Happy 4th of July America!

Joining in with the DC Statehood Now-Yes We Can! Group

Another 4th of July is upon us and we celebrate the day our founding fathers issued the Declaration of Independence of which one of the grievances was taxation without representation. 600,000+ Americans in the nations capital are currently taxed federally without representation in Congress and lack local control over local matters. The District really is the last colony. And like what happened over 200 years ago we as citizens need to stand up, speak out, and act against a system of Taxatation without Representation.

Use this 4th of July as a starting point for you to join the effort to educate and organize. Spend this summer gathering your friends and family for cookouts or teach-ins at your home. Start the process now to have over 130+ neighborhood based statehood groups. Imagine the power and imagery of next Emancipation Day seeing groups from all 130+ District neighborhoods converging on the Capitol to demand Statehood. Imagine if we had thousands of residents walking down the Mall, East Capitol St., North Capitol St., and South Capitol St. all at the same time. A neighborhood-by-neighborhood convergence on the Capitol would send a message that we are no longer asking for a single vote or autonomy, rather we are demanding Statehood (full voting rights + autonomy).

Organize a cookout in your neighborhood this summer and help start the educating and organizing necessary to create a grassroots movement for DC Statehood.

Contact us to help plan an event at your home: or

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