Free Mail-Don’t Donate.

Over the last couple of weeks I have received mailers seeking donations for political parties and/or specific candidates at the national level. Each mailing requests money to supposedly fund a party or candidate that will fight for “people like me.” Well, there are 600,000 people like me without a vote in Congress and neither party in Congress has done a bit of good to speak up for District residents. Neither major political party has DC Statehood as part of their platform and thus neither political party gets my support.

So instead of tearing up the mail and throwing it away I have taken to using their prepaid postage envelopes and sending a hand written message that says something like “until you stand up for the District and fight against our disenfranchisement, I won’t support you or your party.” I know that some poor campaign staffer gets my scribbled message but if enough of us do this our voices will get louder and louder with each action.

Something to think about.


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