Memorial Day and the Service of District Residents

Whether you agree or not with our present or past military engagements it’s a fact that over 190,000 District residents have served this country in times of war and conflict. Those men and women have never been able to vote for a legislator at the national level (US Congress) who can vote on whether we should go to war or vote on appropriations bill for these conflicts. And when these men and women return home they have no vote over how their country will treat them as they deal with health issues related to their service. District residents like all other states pay federal taxes and serve their country honorably yet they have no voice over the decisions that are a matter of life and death.

On Memorial Day we should honor all those who serve and have served across the country. But we need to remember that often we go to war to protect and/or promote democracy abroad yet we fail to act for democracy at home for District residents.

DC Vote put together a nice fact sheet that identifies the numbers of District residents who have served and sacrificed for their country:

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