Just in case someone asks you “isn’t DC too small to become a state?” Here’s your response:

No, and here are some facts about how the District and its residents fare against others in the union:

  • There is no minimum requirement for population size for statehood in the Constitution
  • The District (601,723) has more residents than Wyoming (563,626) and almost as many as Vermont (625,741) and North Dakota (672,591)
  • In 1950 the District’s peak historical population was 802,178 and our population is once again climbing
  • District residents Ranked #1 in the Nation in payments of federal taxes at $11,582 per capita
  • In the present US Senate there are eight states with 16 senators that have in aggregate less population than New York City. There are 18 states with 36 senators with less population than all of New York State.
  • There are 21 states with 42 senators that together have less population than California with its two senators.
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